Please always be respectful and mindful of our Club members, staff, other visitors and our neighbours.


  • Barefeet or flat-soled shoes only.

  • No footwear with pronounced treads.

  • No heels.

  • No food and/or drink of any type to be carried or consumed on the greens.



  • Must always be supervised by a responsible parent or guardian.

  • Must adhere to policies on footwear and/or food drink on greens.

  • Must not be allowed to play with sand in the ditches.

  • Must not remove any equipment from the greens.



  • For the comfort of all, smoking is discouraged.

  • Smokers please be courteous of those around you.

  • Smoking is not permitted in any building, shelter or decked area.

  • Smoking will be permitted in open areas at least 3 metres from any green provided it is not disturbing others.

  • Please check with bowling club organiser if uncertain about any smoking issues.



  • We practice Responsible Service of Alcohol.

  • Proof of age MUST be supplied upon request.

  • Alcohol will not be supplied to persons under 18 years of age.

  • Alcohol will not be supplied to persons we believe may be intoxicated.

  • BYO is not permitted.

  • We do not sell packaged alcohol for consumption off premises.