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Practice Bookings - Terms & Conditions

If you are booking for a practice session please ensure that you have read the following terms and conditions as you will need to agree to them when confirming your booking.

  • Groups can contain up to 5 people from 2 households only - please follow the rules

  • There are only 8 bookings available per timeslot – so please ensure that you are maximizing participation by taking a few vaccinated friends

  • Only the Synthetic Green and Top Green are available to be used and rinks will be marked. There will be a spare rink in between which cannot be used due to restrictions. You cannot specify which green or rink you wish to use, you will need to do this when you arrive subject to availability

  • Adhere to your start and finish times – with density limits in play we can only have 8 groups on site at the same time. 

  • A no-show at your booked session might result in a rejection on your next booking – we are trying to give everyone a go

  • Do not attend unless you have booked online or your name has been entered as a participant in the booking - Mandatory

  • Declare your vaccination status to Jude Stammers either by texting your digital certificate to 0413 232 675 or emailing to prior to booking/attending the club

  • Adhere to the limits, for example even if you are fully vaccinated and the person you are playing with is not only 2 can attend

  • Do not turn up with no booking and expect to play

  • No Alcohol – We do not have a BYO license

  • If you are unwell please don’t attend the club and ensure that you cancel your booking

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