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Barefoot Bowls

General Information

Get your family, friends, or workmates together for barefoot bowls. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas party, or just a social gathering we're the ideal place for bowls and drinks. It's $20 per person for up to 2 hours and $25 for 3 hours. This includes green fees, equipment, and a quick overview of bowls if required. Please note that as we are not always open we typically only accept bookings of 15 or more adults. The barefoot bowls fee applies to everyone in your group, whether they bowl or not, so we encourage everyone to give it a go.

We're one of the few clubs in the area to have 3 greens (2 grass and 1 synthetic) so we're able to accommodate a number of groups at the one time. Specific rinks/lanes will be allocated to your group and you can choose to play barefoot or in flat soled shoes. Visit the Bookings page to view the available days and times, or contact us if your preferred time isn't listed.

Each player will be given their own set of bowls to use, or you can share with a teammate. We have a range of bowls in different colours to make it easier for you to know who's bowls are who's and to determine the winner! The objective of the game is for your bowls to get as close as possible to the small ball (called a jack or kitty). If you have never played before the video below will explain the basics.

Food & Drink

The bar will be open with a range of drinks which you can enjoy greenside or in one of our outside spaces. External catering is offered subject to availability. You can also hire a BBQ or bring in your own snacks or pizzas, just let us know so we can ensure there is an available space.


We're a family friendly club so kids under 15 can play for $10 and it's free for kids under 5! Let us know when you're booking so we have appropriate kids sized bowls, and please ensure that there is adequate adult supervision at all times. Please note that anyone aged 15 and up is considered an adult and is charged accordingly.

Venue Hire

If you're looking to hire the clubhouse for a function, whether it includes barefoot bowls or not, please visit the Venue Hire page or contact us with any questions or requirements.

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